multi vehicle garage and self contained independant living flat extension to existing house

adapting existing homes for growing families 

the client's were originally looking simply for additional garage accommodatio; the size of the required garage and its location in proximity to the existing house entrance created a unique opportunity to use the proposed addtions to enhance the functionality of the whole dwelling for future family use.     

the roof space over the new garage was designed to incorporate a self-contained, live/work space with separate entrance to allow to provide guest accomodation and the option for a complete 'homeworking' suite - since completion the building has seen use for both these purposes, reducing commuting and providing enhanced use by the owner and their family.  

early design phase involving 3D presentation  

the following images were created for client approval prior to gaining planning approval for the scheme - visualisation can be a vital part of delivering client requirements and making the planning approval process much easier to navigate

finalised design changes to colours and window position and size were examined and adapted as the project developed as shown in the following pre-construction view from the north east

early stage 3D visualisation is a vital toool for client understanding

3D visualisation can allow the client a full understanding of how the building will look in context - including where natural light and shadows will play upon the structure in real world conditions at any time of the year.

view of new entrance produced prior to planning approval