dual function architect's studio and residential annexe 

Gary has now been working from his low energy, fully timber studio in the grounds of his own house for more than a decade - 250mm timber wall cassette with recycled newspaper insulation and 360 degree clearstorey glazing around the space at ceiling level create a spectacularly bright work/live space      

dairy monitoring of the buildings energy use and constant experimentation with different systems, work and live techniques has allowed Gary to build up   vast body of knowledge on the best ways to heat and ventilate the highly insulated and air tight  building which are reuired for modern construction    

the building is clad in very locally milled scottish larch timber, stainless steel screwed to the frame to provide open rain-screen cladding, the timber was left unfinished and has now taken on a beautiful shiny grey colour    

the building is a model for home working spaces which have become so much more relevant during the covid pandemic - the space has doubled as overflow visitor accomodation through the inclusion of both kitchen and shower room facilities within the self contained space 

the silver grey cladding sits beautifully against the surrounding greens and browns in the local landscape