scheme design for alterations and extensions to existing steading

the client wished to upgrade and expand their existing house into a previously undeveloped portion of the existing steading building.

planning and building warrant approvals granted for works throughout 2018-19 with staged completion of the works subject to client specific requirements.

using wherever possible existing openings together with sensitively designed additions and variations to section of delapidated roof structure, the new design was able to add 5 bedrooms and additional living space to create a light and spacious family home on the site.

the variable floor level inside the house and a similarly variable external landscape provided the opportunity to open up new views from the existing dwelling while isolating it from the roadway adjacent to the site boundary.

the revised dwelling makes substanitial use of recovered sandstone in the refurbishment of the existing steading with new high level timber cladding forming a cohesive aesthetic to what had previously been a confused and much altered structure.

New window openings and a unique triangular bay window addtion to the existing steading provide stunning new views of the surrounding landscape from the refurbished steading.