gary sinclair architecture

transforming existing house and hotel with external terraces - Angus Glens 

the client wished to make better use of an existing attic space to create a new living space at first floor level to provide views over the neighbouring reservoir - the design sought to provide an external terrace space to this new lounge area to maximise afternoon and evening use of the new spaces - the works also included complete re-furbishment of the existing kitchen and storage spaces at ground floor including the formation of a sliding glass wall to the new kitchen/living/dining space with a further raised ground floor terrace

careful use of both solid timber clad and glazed ballustrades to the new first floor terrace provide both shelter and the capability to retain the views over the reservoir from seated positions on the new first floor terrace - small revisions to the neighbouring hotel building also allowed guests to better access the views

first floor lounge space with sliding doors to the external terrace as well as a gable opening with glazed balustrades and view down into the kitchen space below - external gable windows also enhance the sideways view from the new lounge