scheme design for creation of new garden room with all-day terrace

an existing slightly dark modern bungalow is to be transformed with alterations to a limited portion of the existing structure and the creation of a new high ceiling, top lit garden room pavillion.

Gary created multiply design options in 3D with project animations to illustrate how the proposed alterations would look both internally and externally for consideration by the client.

rooflights and new extra high glazed doors to the south elevation of the new space frees up existing floor space for additional bedroom and study accomodation with the new garden lounge being fully open plan to the existing kitchen and dining area of the retained dwelling.

the options for both flat and pitched roof structure were created to help the client decide which option would provide the most shared light from the new space into the existing kitchen dining area.

3D modelling and accurate shadow tracing allows all times of day and year to be modelled prior to the client deciding on the final form of the proposed building.

the selected 'cathedral' open pitched roof structure is shown in the image above; with the exterior view of the flat roof option shown below.

the finalised design was submitted for planning approval iin November 2018 and approved by Angus Council right at the start of 2019; construction is expected to commence in early 2020.