doubling existing cottage floor area for multi-generational family living 

the works involve the remodelling and extension of the existing previously unsympathhetically enlarged cottage to create a multi-generational family home with separate entrances and facility options for independant living.

the works involve the creation of a new two storey structure to provide two additional first floor bedrooms and a new kitchen, dining and living area to the west of the main house - a new optional shared entrance link hallway allows separate but fully accessible living for two multi-generational households on the same site. 

the new works and re-furbishment of the existing house allow the existing site to support two family units on the same site, while leaving the option for future use as two completely separate dwellings in an Angus village.

the client seriously considered moving home prior to contacting Gary about the options for the site - planning approval for such a substantial alteration to the existing cottage was succesfully achieved through the use of 3D context modelling  

despite the tight nature of the site between existing properties, careful positioning of windows, glazed doors and rooflights ensures that all spaces can experience daylight from at least two walls - experience the day passing by the changing of light.       

full height french windows with glazed balustrades to first floor bedrooms, matching ground floor french windows on the south side of the building to access the south facing terrace and ensure maximum solar gain capability for the new structure.

evening terrace options to the street side of the new dwelling via french windows to new kitchen