gary sinclair architecture

design for multi generation family living - kirriemuir 

multi generational family living is a long held concept which often needs specific new solutions to fit the needs and requirements of modern life

gary's design for new living space adjacent to and making use of an existing under used bedroom within the existing main house gained planning approval in mid April 2021

the design for the completely timber frame structure features highly insulated floor wall and roof cassettes utilising re-cycled newspaper and sheeps wool insulation, with a level of air-tightness reducing the heat input required for the building to an absolute minimum

extensive south and west facing windows and sliding glazed doors to the western garden terrace maximise the interface between internal and external spaces with expansive views to the vale of strathmore and direct connection to the garden of the main house

the new structure provides a fully wheelchair accessible living space with integrated shower room and kitchen facilities in an otherwise open plan design; the scheme provides a substantial degree of independant living space with the option for the wider family to share living spaces via the retention of the existing internal and external connections from the main house

the successful planning approval also included permission for the installation of an air source heat pump as part of the works; this facilitiy allows the expanded house heating system to be supplemented by a low carbon heating system with the option to tailor the heating of both new and existing spaces to mimimise the environmental impact of the enlarged dwelling       

timber framed constructions of this type lock in carbon through the use of sustainably sourced timber products and the use of re-cycled or re-purposed insulation materials; multi-generation family living of this kind provided individual freedom together with mutual family support options without the need for travel or multiple dwelling living at locations requiring additional travel